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Programmers Knowledge Base - 500 Internal Server Error, 404 Error, Blank admin pages

After struggling from weeks and chatting with my hosting support team I found below solutions.

The below solution is for if Blogengine is installed in root directory


1) Correct the admin URL

Instead of this URL

Use this URL

2) Check Custom handlers working or not

Right click on browser and select "View page source" of your blog

In html source find and click on any .axd file eg.: admin.res.axd, syndication.axd etc...

If .axd file not open in browser or giving 404 error do below steps:-

Remove <handlers> from <system.webServer> but keep <httpHandlers> in <system.web>

3) Check Application Pool

If it is Integrated change it to Classic


If it is Classic change it to Integrated

Above these 3 solutions will definitely solve your problem.

Happy Blogging with

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