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Why HTTP is a stateless protocol?

HTTP protocol is stateless protocol, meaning it does not retain state between user requests.

Each request that is send from browser to the server is treated as independent request that means it is not related to previous request.

When browser sends request for a page following steps happen on server.

1)  Instance of webform is created on the server

2)  Instance all the controls on the form is created.

3) After webform processing is complete HTML is generated and send to the client.

4)  After HTML is send to browser the webform is destroyed on the server. 


1) Stateless means neither the client nor the server store information about the state of the other side of an ongoing connection.

2) HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, usually operates over TCP connections.

Convention over configuration

Convention over configuration :-
ASP.Net MVC is heavily depends on conventions to avoid the configuration in an ASP.Net MVC Application.
So what are conventions? And why we should avoid the configurations?
Convention is a set of predefined rules to being a part of system.
What happen if every employee in the system configure/following their own policy? Hmm!!! Where is the system?

Conventions simplify communication:-
Isn’t It?
E.g. In office we use Netiquette rules (or conventions) to avoid barriers in communication.